Future Breedings

These are the planned breedings for 2019. We do plan every litter far in  advance, oftentimes 4 or 5 years in advance ! However, there is always the chance a litter does not take, for whatever reason (there are a million), or the timing of the litter just might not work out. Please keep this in mind as we post our litters and in future inquiries.
                                                      2019 Planned Litters

Black Litter
Shallow Creek's That's What I Want, "Jess" will be bred with CH Shallow Creek's I'm Your Captain, "Will" in October of 2019. This will be an all black litter and Jess & Will's information can be seen on the Girls & Boy's pages of our website, respectively !

Chocolate & Black Litter
Shallow Creek's Ticket To Ride, "Ella," will be paired with CH Shallow Creek's Let It Be, "Max," in October of 2019. This will be the pairs 3rd litter, always producing some outstanding puppies  !!! 
Pictured below are two pups from previous litters of Ella & Max: These two pups are Deshka (18 months) and Sitka (4 Months) whose new family sent this great picture of the two boys.

Again, litters are planned far in advance--but Nature determines reproductive cycles and timing. Listed above are the litters we have planned so far. When puppies are whelped, their information will be listed on the "New Litters" page.