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We offer hand-made, custom name plates for your companion animal!!

These plaques are made here, at our kennel, and each plaque is approximately 3/4" thick, by 5 1/2" tall, by 12" long. The plaques are cut from old barn wood, giving each one a slightly different feel and size.

The name of the companion animal is wood-burned, by hand, as are the dates of birth and death for memorial plaques.Each plaque is then treated with two coats of Rosewood stain, followed by two coats of polyurethane.
A plaque having a call name with 3 letters is approximately 12" long -- each additional letter adds about 2" to the plaque, with a maximum number of 7 letters allowed.

While these plaques look great anywhere, from the home to the stable, they were originally meant to be used outside, for a weather-resistant memorial; hence the use of a polyurethane finish.

Delivery is apporximately two weeks from your date of order. These plaques can be ordered safely through our Kennel PayPal account and shipping is included in the $60.00 price.
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We use this gate in our kitchen, which separates it from the living room. It allows the pups have their play time in the kitchen, which is very 'puppy friendly,' while giving us easy access to the rest of the house !! 
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The West Pay Hurley and Bumi !!

The Hurley looks like a bone and the pups will chew on it all day long.


The Bumi, which we nick-named the "Super S" is the one the dogs love ! It has just enough give in it to allow it to stretch a little, which our dogs find fascinating !
Mendota offers high quality leashes and training cords that I use every day. From snap leads to slip-collars, Mendota offers a very high-quality lead !!