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We offer hand-made, custom name plates for your companion animal!!

These plaques are made here, at our kennel, and each plaque is approximately 3/4" thick, by 5 1/2" tall, by 12" long. The plaques are cut from old barn wood, giving each one a slightly different feel and size.

The name of the companion animal is wood-burned, by hand, as are the dates of birth and death for memorial plaques.Each plaque is then treated with two coats of Rosewood stain, followed by two coats of polyurethane.

A plaque having a call name with 3 letters is approximately 12" long -- each additional letter adds about 2" to the plaque, with a maximum number of 7 letters allowed.

While these plaques look great anywhere, from the home to the stable, they were originally meant to be used outside, for a weather-resistant memorial; hence the use of a polyurethane finish.

Delivery is apporximately two weeks from your date of order. These plaques can be ordered safely through our Kennel PayPal account and shipping is included in the $60.00 price.

Additionally, we have an online store, with a number of quality items being offered directly through our Amazon page: 

There are a small number of items also available at the kennel. Primarily, these will be the Mendota
 and West Paw products pictured below.​​